Child Support

Child support is a court-ordered payment by one parent for the expenses incurred in raising his or her child or children. Support is usually paid to the custodial parent and is for food, housing, education, clothing and other necessary expenses.  The child support amount is determined using the Oregon child support calculator   This calculator considers the gross income of both parents, spousal support payments, the parenting time allocation of each parent, medical insurance, child care costs, and other factors.

Child support may be modified upon motion of either party, based upon a substantial change of circumstances since the last order such as a change in custody or a significant change in a parent’s income. Child support may also be modified through a periodic review every 35 months since the date the support order was entered, reviewed or last modified.   Generally, modifications must be filed before the original obligation expires.

A parent is normally obligated to pay child support until a child’s 18th birthday. Support may be extended to age 21 if the child is attending school. Support for a child attending school is usually paid directly to the child.

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